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RECLAIM YOUR LIFE:  Guidance For Wives At The Crossroads.

With the modern era’s high divorce rate, many couples are desperate to find something to help them stay together, especially wives who have had enough and feel they can no longer bear the sacrifices and compromises they face in their marriages.

In Reclaim Your Life: Guidance for Wives at the Crossroads, Aya Eneli has brought her experience as a life coach, attorney and inspirational speaker to bear on the problem. Drawing on over two decades of experience in helping clients navigate their problems, she has compiled a plan to help women become sure of themselves and their relationships. She has used these techniques in her own marriage, allowing herself and her husband to thrive despite the challenges they have faced. Whether you choose to rebuild your marriage or decide to part ways, this coaching program will help you reach a healthier and more fulfilled life on your terms.

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